The ACLU of Pennsylvania is not new to the resistance, but we are now able to do more to ensure the civil liberties of Pennsylvanians because of the groundswell of support from people like you! Here are just some of the ways you can get involved as a volunteer.


Apply to volunteer with the ACLU of Pennsylvania

Apply to be a legal intake volunteer in Philadelphia.


Be a nonpartisan poll monitor!

Consider signing up with our coalition partner Common Cause PA’s Election Protection Program. action from home or in person by serving as a nonpartisan Election Protection Volunteer.

Sign up to become an Election Protection Volunteer.

Be a poll worker!

Be a poll worker! Free, fair, and accessible elections are vital to Pennsylvania democracy, and the state needs poll workers to assist our voters on election day. Poll workers are a crucial part of every election. They work to verify voter registrations, set up and run polling locations, and assist voters with the in-person voting process. Due to Covid-19 and other issues, counties are in dire need of poll workers for this election season. Working the polls is a wonderful way to get involved in your community and to protect Pennsylvania elections. 

Sign up to be a poll worker.


Legislative advocacy is a critical part of the ACLU-PA’s efforts to defend and expand civil liberties in Pennsylvania. In order to amplify our members and supporters’ voices at the state level, we train advocates on best practices in lobbying throughout the Pennsylvania legislative process and help advocates identify when in the legislative process constituent voices are the most effective. 

Midnight Rights Raid Campaign Activation

The next phase of Advocate Academy growth happens concurrently with the Season of Dissent. AA will shift to building relationships with legislators through in-district visits, and publicly raising awareness of how legislators impact the civil liberties of Pennsylvanians. We are now recruiting AMBASSADORS (or captains) in each House district. 

Here’s what we currently ask of our AA ambassadors:

  • Recruit 3 Advocates per session (especially focusing on uncovered House districts)
  • Organize at least 2 in-district visits per session
  • Write at least 2 letters to the editor (or 1 op-ed) per session
  • Write/call or engage with legislators on social media re: target legislation
  • Share ACLU-PA action alerts on social media and within their networks
  • Share voting-related information during election season


Phase 1: The expectations of ambassadors are to engage directly with legislators between September 2022 and February 15, 2023 (or earlier, if second passage occurs before 2/15)

Phase 2: The Advocate Academy will shift to assisting with a public education campaign when/if second passage of the constitutional amendments occurs.

Please email ACLU-PA Policy and Engagement Advocate Rebecca Cusumano-Seidel at

Voter Ambassador

As part of the national Election Protection Coalition program, Voter Ambassadors serve as a trusted source of information so that every eligible voter can cast a ballot that is counted. Voter Ambassadors also serve as observers who are asked to flag misinformation or identify other election-related questions or problems for the Election Protection Coalition in order to prevent voter disenfranchisement.

Five Duties of a Voter Ambassador

  1. Be a trusted voting resource for friends and family.
  2. Create a network of people who might benefit from your election updates, might need help navigating the voting process, who would share information you circulate with their circles.
  3. Share information and updates with your network.
  4. Encourage your network to prepare for and plan their vote.
  5. Correct inaccurate or misleading information; escalate problems to ACLU-PA staff.

To become a Voter Ambassador, please email ACLU-PA Policy and Engagement Advocate Rebecca Cusumano-Seidel at

Request a training or become a Voting Rights Trainer

The Pennsylvania Coalition for Democracy is composed of nonpartisan organizations across the Commonwealth who work to ensure that all Pennsylvanians can safely and securely vote every election. The coalition provides grassroots groups with the resources they need to empower their communities to cast their ballot and make their voice heard. In addition to printed and digital resources, the Pennsylvania Coalition for Democracy provides in-person and virtual election briefings for communities across the state. 

As a trusted messenger in your community, we invite you to join us for a workshop that will provide you with all the information you need to successfully host voter registration drives and deliver your own election info sessions so every eligible voter in your community knows how to vote and what their rights are. 

Reach out to ACLU-PA Policy and Engagement Advocate Rebecca Cusumano-Seidel at for more information.


Currently, we are not accepting legal fellows in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh.

If you are a law student applying for an internship, please follow the instructions on this page.


If you believe your civil liberties have been violated and wish to file a complaint for review by our legal team, please click here. Legal complaints filed via the volunteer sign up form will not be processed.