Since 1920, the ACLU has recognized that personal privacy and reproductive rights are among our most important constitutional liberties. The ACLU was the first national organization to argue for abortion rights before the Supreme Court, and has been the principal defender of those rights since 1973, when the Court recognized the right to choose in Roe v. Wade.

Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, we aim to protect access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care.

Clara Bell Duvall Project

The Clara Bell Duvall Reproductive Freedom Project is a special project of the ACLU of Pennsylvania that focuses on reproductive issues. Unique among pro-choice organizations, the Duvall Project bridges the gap between academic and activist communities. In addition, many of its projects are facilitated by young women, giving them opportunity to be active in the community. Read more about the Clara Bell Duvall Reproductive Freedom Project.

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