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  1. Papiernik v. East Norriton Township

    May 13, 2009CaseFirst Amendment Rights
  2. Shenkel United Church of Christ v. North Coventry Township

    April 30, 2009CaseReligious Liberty
  3. Miller, et al v. Skumanick

    March 25, 2009CasePrivacy & Security, Student & Youth Rights
  4. Kalman v. Cortes

    February 18, 2009CaseFirst Amendment Rights
  5. Hookway v. East Vincent Township and Borough of Spring City

    December 18, 2008CasePolice Practices
  6. Just for Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach v. Borough of Brookville

    November 17, 2008CaseReligious Liberty
  7. Correctional Care, Inc., v. Rogan

    January 29, 2008CaseFirst Amendment Rights, Prisoners' Rights
  8. Sex offender residency restrictions

    October 6, 2008CaseCriminal Justice Reform
  9. Kraft v. Harhut, et al.

    September 8, 2008CaseFirst Amendment Rights, Voting Rights
  10. Babines v. Adams Township

    October 15, 2008CaseFirst Amendment Rights