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  1. Court Blocks Township's Restrictions on Campaign Lawn Signs

    February 18, 2008Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  2. ACLU of Pennsylvania Urges Court to Uphold Free-Speech Ruling in Student MySpace Case

    December 8, 2008Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Student & Youth Rights
  3. ACLU Files Suit on Behalf of Man Denied Incorporation Because His Business's Name Is 'Blasphemous'

    February 19, 2009Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  4. Township's Selective Removal and Confiscation of Candidate's Political Signs Sparks ACLU Lawsuit

    May 12, 2009Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  5. ACLU Sues Wyoming County D.A. For Threatening Teenage Girls With Child Pornography Charges Over Photos Of Themselves

    March 25, 2009Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Privacy & Security, Student & Youth Rights
  6. ACLU to Fight Township Supervisor's Attempt to Identify Anonymous Internet Critics

    January 7, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  7. Lawsuit Filed for G-20 Related Group Over Harassment by Pittsburgh Police

    September 21, 2009Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  8. ACLU Announces G-20 Legal Helpline, Know Your Rights Information

    September 17, 2009Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  9. ACLU-PA Says Attorney General's Office Misused Grand Jury Subpoena Power and Disregarded First Amendment In Case Involving Anonymous Twitter Critics

    May 21, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  10. ACLU of PA Sues Police Over Citations For Profanity

    May 12, 2010Press releasePolice Practices, First Amendment Rights