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  1. ACLU Applauds Governor's Condemnation Of Surveillance Of Peaceful Protesters

    September 14, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  2. Hugs for Puppies to Resume Protest of Le Bec Fin and Brasserie Perrier after ACLU Intervenes

    June 5, 2007Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  3. Civil Rights Groups Sue City Of Pittsburgh Over Harassment And Intimidation Of Activists During G-20 Summit

    December 14, 2009Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  4. ACLU Representing Anonymous Twitter Critics of PA Attorney General Tom Corbett

    May 20, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  5. Federal Court Halts School’s Punishment of Student’s Off-Campus Speech

    October 5, 2017Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  6. Federal Appeals Court Upholds and Expands Students’ Free Speech in Schuylkill County Case

    June 30, 2020Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Student & Youth Rights
  7. Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down SEPTA Ad Policy at Center of ACLU-PA Free Speech Lawsuit

    September 14, 2020Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  8. ACLU-PA Statement in Response to Million Dollar Bail Orders for Lancaster Protesters

    September 15, 2020Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  9. U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear ACLU-PA Student Free Speech Case

    January 9, 2021Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Student & Youth Rights
  10. ACLU Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Protect Students’ First Amendment Rights When They’re Out of School

    April 28, 2021Press releaseStudent & Youth Rights, First Amendment Rights