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  1. Court Allows Leafletting at Wilkes-Barre Arena

    April 27, 2016Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  2. Federal Appeals Court Rules that There is a First Amendment Right to Record the Police

    July 7, 2017Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  3. ACLU of Pennsylvania Announces Settlements in Philadelphia Lawsuits That Established a First Amendment Right to Record the Police

    December 5, 2017Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  4. ACLU-PA Announces Appeal of Federal Court Ruling Upholding Censorship on Lackawanna County Transit

    August 6, 2018Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  5. PNC Park Protest Trial Begins

    March 16, 2007Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  6. ACLU of PA Calls Sexting Bill Passed by PA House Unconstitutional

    June 29, 2010Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Student & Youth Rights
  7. Congressman Costello to Hold Constituent Town Hall Meeting “In the Dark,” Says ACLU of Pennsylvania

    April 7, 2017Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights, Open Government
  8. ACLU Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Protester Arrested in Gettysburg

    December 6, 2006Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  9. State House Passes Bill that Undercuts Fundamental Free Speech Rights, Says ACLU of Pennsylvania

    October 15, 2014Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights
  10. ACLU of PA Legal Brief Argues for a Fair Redistricting Process that Doesn't Discriminate Against Voters

    January 5, 2018Press releaseFirst Amendment Rights